Disability Insurance for Sportsmen and Athletes

Matt Morgan is one of the most optimistic and hardworking people you will ever meet. He enjoys cycling, joins his community and enjoys spending time with his family.
She needs help tying her shoelaces.

A 47-year-old runner, athlete, businessman, husband and father have been diagnosed with Parkinson’s disease. When he was diagnosed with TB, his life changed dramatically over the years. But one thing: its financial well-being. He thanks Disability Insurance for making this possible. You can see the story here.
If you are sick, injured or unable to work, you have disability insurance. It replaces a portion of the income until you recover and return to work. Or in the case of Scott, because he will never return to the job of his choice, his paycheck will continue throughout his career.
Most people don’t think about getting this important insurance – but it is often overlooked. Scott is a big supporter of disability insurance because it allows him to live and enjoy life.

Benifits Matt Morgan got in his Disability Insurance

Disability insurance helped protect the most valuable assets and profit potential, not homes, cars and investments.
The bill continued to come when I retired and had to give up. To fulfill this obligation, we provided invalid insurance benefits.

I have a source of income so I don’t have to go to work after my wife comes home.
We are still in the dream house and have disability insurance so we can pay for our daughter’s wedding.
My husband and I have a safe pension because we don’t have to turn our retirement savings into illness.
“Parkinson’s disease is life-changing, but disability insurance keeps it as normal as possible. I am very grateful that my income can live with my family. Without disability insurance it is very No, it will happen, “Scott said. ..

If you work and depend on your income, you need disability insurance.

You can contact your benefits manager to find out what insurance you have while you are employed and then discuss the benefits of adding a personal disability certificate with an insurance expert. .. Matt Morgan combines the two to help maintain a family lifestyle.

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